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L'CORE PARIS Brightening Cream 1.7 OZ - 50 ML

L'CORE PARIS Brightening Cream 1.7 OZ - 50 ML

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Brand L'core paris
Item Form Cream
Unit Count 1.00 Count
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Use for Whole Body


Unique Formula for Dark Spots Correction, Anti Aging, Preventing Age Spots, Keeps Skin Healthy and Young - 


Indulge in this luxurious Brightening Cream, rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and botanicals that will fight several skin conditions, for a flawless and healthy skin. Infused with Coconut oil and Hyaluronic acid, skin will be replenished and deeply hydrated for a supple and smooth look and feel, while the high potency Vitamin C brightens and evens out your skin tone.

L’core Paris facial brightening cream is a dark spots corrector, and will help fade and prevent age spots, pigmentation and freckles. The combination of pearls in cosmetics is used to maintain the youthfulness of skin. Pearls known to contain amino acids that help in healing cells. Our special formula is proven to reduce sun damages and discoloration of the skin.


Coconut Oil: one of the best moisturizers, restores dry skin. Coconut oil will also slow down the aging process of the skin since it contains antioxidant Vitamin E.
Safflower Oil: improves quality and texture of skin due to the abundance of linoleic acid. 
Hyaluronic Acid: great antiaging properties and one of the best hydrating ingredients for all types of skin. It also has the impressive capacity to attract and hold vast amounts of moisture. 
Geranium Robertianum Extract: obtained from the plant commonly known as Herb Robert, valued for its medicinal qualities. Helps treat a variety of skin conditions. It has a mineral called germanium, which provides antioxidant properties.
3OEthyl Ascorbic Acid: antioxidant, boosts collagen formation, brightens skin, evens out skin tone, repairs effect of UV exposure and other environmental damage.
Vitamin E: antioxidant, protects against free radical damage.

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